How to Maximize the Impact of your Next Best Action Strategy 

Next Best Action (NBA) and Next Best Offer (NBO) campaigns are a very effective customer development tool. NBAs allow banks to show a willingness to respond to customer’s needs in a timely manner and avoid blasting one campaign or messaging out to every customer. In this article, you will learn how to perfect your Next […]

AI Co-Pilots and the New Era of Conscious Content Transformation

In the digital space, all organizations compete and are forced to adapt to new AI-assisted knowledge models. This implies a new era of co-pilots in different department areas, where digital processes will be reviewed and adapted to hybrid-assisted knowledge models based on Large Language Model systems.      LLM Systems: Lights and Shadows   The introduction […]

The Banking Customer as the Key to Cybersecurity

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in cyberattacks. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is booming: by the end of 2023, it could have an impact of close to $8 trillion globally and the forecast for 2025 is $10.5 trillion. Social engineering techniques, in particular, have become more prevalent and sophisticated, with cybercriminals […]

How Geolocation Can Shape the Future of Bank Customer Loyalty

In today’s competitive financial landscape, leveraging geolocation data has become a crucial component of a bank’s strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Customer location data offers new opportunities for banks to cooperate with retailers and improve customer loyalty and engagement with non-invasive personalized offers that are highly relevant to their needs.      Geolocation Technology: Insights, […]

Lessons from LATAM: The Final Steps to Modernize the US Payment System

The United States, and Silicon Valley in particular, has long been recognized as a hub for innovation. For over six decades, the US has led by example, introducing revolutionary products such as credit cards, ATMs, and online banking. Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect the US to have a highly advanced and convenient real-time […]

How Banks Can Turn Compliance into a Business Opportunity

Compliance is a significant burden and expense for financial institutions. However, with Latinia, banks can easily meet regulatory requirements, leverage the data collected through compliance processes as a valuable business tool, and turn it into an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.   Easing the Burden of Regulatory Compliance Regulatory compliance is a continuous challenge […]

Facing the Data Silo Challenge: How Banks Can Overcome Fractured Customer Identities

Data silos hinder banks from creating tailored and meaningful experiences for their clients, since customer data is too often trapped in different platforms. Here’s how to avoid data silos and overcome fractured customer identities with Latinia. What are information data silos? Have you ever wondered why you are being sent marketing messages to download an […]

3 Steps to Successful Bank Card Promotion Based on a Next Best Action Strategy

Financial institutions have a significant impact on the financial lives of their cardholders, but this is a mutual relationship. Cardholders also possess the power to shape business practices and affect the types of products offered. It is crucial to consider both perspectives to leverage real-time revenue moments and untapped opportunities.   How the Next Best […]

Moment is King: Leveraging Real-time Customer Insights to Identify New Opportunities

Today’s consumer is unpredictable and impossible to fit in a set of categories. Therefore, a linear customer journey no longer accurately reflects the dynamic nature of today’s banking consumers. Instead, financial institutions should focus on customer moments to provide value and assistance in real-time.   Customer’s Life Happens Beyond Your Digital Channels Every customer is […]