The Silent Crisis: Are Banks Overlooking a Critical User Segment?

The digital age is advancing at a breakneck pace, bringing with it an urgent need for banks to stay abreast of trends. One standout trend is the sustained growth of Huawei. Herein lies a considerable risk: overlooking a market segment that already accounts for a 10% and is continually growing. Neglecting these users could mean […]

Co-branded Cards: Marketing Strategies with Real-time Tools

In the competitive banking world, co-branded cards have emerged as a strategic tool to attract and retain customers and strengthen alliances with brands from various sectors. These cards, which combine the identity and benefits of a bank with those of a partnered brand, offer not only financial advantages but also unique loyalty opportunities. From the […]

Ensuring the Delivery of Critical Banking Notifications with Latinia Critical Events Gateway

In the fast-paced world of modern banking, notifications have emerged as a vital communication channel between banks and their customers. However, while these notifications are essential, ensuring timely and error-free delivery has become an increasing challenge. Real-time delivery of critical banking notifications is now more than a convenience; it’s an expectation. Banks are under constant […]

Advanced Business Rules in Banking Using Real-Time Transaction Events

The banking landscape, once primarily characterized by tradition and steady processes, has been invigorated by the digital revolution. This transformation is not just about speed or efficiency but a more strategic adaptation of resources.  A critical component of this evolution is understanding how real-time transaction events can be harnessed to create advanced business rules. For […]

Reducing Call Volume in Banking Call Centers: Innovative Strategies and Solutions

The 24/7 Nature of a Customer’s Finances In today’s fast-paced digital age, customers’ financial lives never sleep. Whether they’re shopping online at midnight, making international transfers in the wee hours, or checking their account balances first thing in the morning, their financial activities span across the clock. This 24/7 nature of personal finances implies a […]

Compliance and Data Security in Marketing Automation for Banking

Introduction to Marketing Automation in Banking What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a digital approach that employs software platforms and technologies specifically designed for marketing departments and organizations. It streamlines, automates, and analyzes marketing tasks and workflows, such as email automation, social media posting, and website actions. This leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness […]

Mobile payments market trends & insights 2023

Introduction Mobile payments have emerged as a revolutionary tipping point in the rapidly shifting landscape of global finance. This unceasing evolution makes it paramount for banking and finance professionals to keep a pulse on current and future trends. With this aim, our post seeks to shed some light on the mobile payments market in 2023. […]

Latinia vs. Marketing Automation

Introduction The rapidly evolving digital landscape has fundamentally transformed the banking industry. Today’s customers expect personalized, instant, and seamless experiences from their financial institutions. Two powerful tools that are helping banks to meet and exceed these expectations are Marketing Automation and Real-Time Analytics. While they serve distinct functions, understanding how they interact can unlock a […]

Defining marketing automation and its applications in the banking industry

Introduction The significance of marketing automation in today’s competitive landscape In today’s rapidly evolving and highly competitive business environment, marketing automation has become an indispensable tool for businesses across various industries. It enables organizations to streamline their marketing efforts, optimize customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. In the banking sector, where customer expectations are constantly […]

How to anticipate customer needs and optimize your bank offers 

Each customer is unique, with their own distinct set of needs, desires, preferences, and behaviors. While many financial institutions have become adept at managing customer relationships by collecting extensive data on customer preferences and behaviors, these efforts are often constrained and primarily centered around customer interactions through digital channels.  Be part of your customer’s daily […]