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See how a bank achieved a 162% ROI and payback in less than 6 months using the Latinia Real Time Decisions Engine improving their customers’ experience by communicating with them at the most relevant moments for their finances

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Latinia builds a real-time decision and communication software specialized in the filtration and the analysis of transactional events with the aim to make the communication easier and more effective between financial entities and their clients, as well as detect business opportunities from real-time analysis of their financial life.

The benefit for our customers is not only a better brand perception to the threat of new players in the financial ecosystem, but also a real economic return. To demonstrate this, Latinia has commissioned Forrester Consulting a report that measures the Total Economic Impact (TEI™) of RealTime Decisions Engine solution.

Forrester reports show that the implementation of our system achieves an ROI of 162%, with a payback in less than six months and a new business generation by subscribing to the notification service of almost $2 million annually, in addition to improving its TTM.

If you have a management position in a financial institution or if you have responsibility for business generation, purchases or technology in a bank, you will be interested in this TEI™ report from Forrester Consulting. We can offer you a copy to check all the details and see the figures based on a real case.

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