Every event, an opportunity to be proactive

Your Client spends seven minutes on average, every day, connected to their bank channels. 71 minutes watching Netflix and sleeps an average of 6.8 hours a day. But what about their finances? They’re awake 24/7. So why should we limit ourselves to talking to them when they’re connected to the bank’s channels? After all, there are an infinite amount of moments in the Client’s financial life that can be so much more than just an opportunity to “tell them something”. They can also be opportunities to do something in a way which is relevant to their interests.

To this end, at Latinia we build Real-time decision and communication software products for the financial sector, specialized in filtering and analyzing transactional events and customer intelligence data.

Client Activity Real-Time Analysis

Latinia identifies the best moment in which content is most likely to be relevant to the client based on real-time analysis of their financial activity and all relevant data (customer attributes, bank acquired products, time and location). Because just as there are no two clients alike, there are also no two moments alike in a client’s financial life. Your customers’ finances are not the same in the morning as they are in the afternoon—they’re fluid. Unexpected things happen. Our mission is both to alert the client before financial issues occur as well as turn each event into a business opportunity for the bank.

Latinia, 20 years working for the Banking industry

Application connection

BRMS (Business Rules Management System) product vendor specializing in Real-time banking transactions analysis for Notification processes.

Channel provider connection

Expertise in analyzing transactional data and a myriad of customer intelligence data in real time.

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Highly verticalized and oriented to the specific needs of the financial industry (functional, business, technical and security).

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Microservices-based architecture for deployment in application orchestrators (Openshift, Kubernetes) & on-premises / cloud / hybrid installations.

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