Facing the Data Silo Challenge: How Banks Can Overcome Fractured Customer Identities

18 de April de 2023

Data silos hinder banks from creating tailored and meaningful experiences for their clients, since customer data is too often trapped in different platforms. Here’s how to avoid data silos and overcome fractured customer identities with Latinia. What are information data silos? Have you ever wondered why you are being sent marketing messages to download an […]

Benefits of real-time payments

28 de February de 2023

real time payments

Real-time payment (RTP) networks are booming in the global financial sector. Experts already estimate that by 2026 this type of payment will account for 25% of electronic payments, driving a new banking ecosystem that meets the current needs of customers. The specialized Fintech publication Finextra, in its article What the banks vs fintech debate gets […]

A data-driven bank is an innovative bank

15 de November de 2022

data driven bank

What will the future of banking look like, and what must banks do to remain competitive? The key lies in becoming a data-driven bank capable of extracting maximum value from customer data, in order to anticipate their financial needs and offer them personalized products and services based on their interests. The article What the Data-Driven […]

Real-time banking analytics

7 de June de 2022

Real Time Analytics

The digital banking transformation has been made possible thanks to the technological advances in recent years and the ability to manage and analyse large volumes of data more efficiently and quickly. This digital evolution has been based on the development of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and large-scale analytics, such as, for example, real-time data analysis, […]

Capgemini Research Institute examines the power of data in banking

31 de May de 2022

Putting clients at the centre of business decisions and adopting a data-driven management model helps develop more personalised experiences as to improve customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. This is one of the most significant conclusions of the report “The customer engagement imperative. What Banks can learn from the FinTech Playbook”, which is part of the […]

Want to improve your bank’s customer knowledge with Latinia’s Subscription Engine?

12 de April de 2022

Conocimiento de cliente, banco

For years financial institutions have been immersed in intense digital transformation processes with the aim of improving their value proposition, placing the client at the heart of business decisions and adapting to an ever-changing and extremely demanding environment. The pandemic has accelerated these processes and banks have focused on the need to enhance customer knowledge […]

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