No customer wants to talk to the bank call centre: how to avoid it?

16 September 2022

Proactividad, call center bancario, tarjetas

A customer’s finances are awake 24/7, meaning the times they might need attention and advice from their bank are many and varied. Nowadays, one of the attributes most valued by customers is proactivity, i.e., that their bank detects one of these moments in advance, helping them to resolve an incident without the customer having to […]

Next Best Action, proactivity for banks

28 June 2022

Next Best Action

How to identify business opportunities from customer transactions? Latinia’s software, Next Best Action (NBA), has been specifically designed for banking as a tool to improve the proactivity of financial institutions thanks to the filtering and analysis of transactional events and customer intelligence data. The collection, interpretation and activation of consumer information has become a competitive […]

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