Personalizar alertas bancarias

Towards personalization of bank alerts

Wonder how to improve a bank’s proactivity so they can offer truly useful and consistent service to their customers through bank alert?

The software products developed by Latinia have been specifically designed for the financial sector, with the aim of providing a solution to this challenge. “The key lies in filtering and analysing customers’ real-time transactional events, which constitute an extraordinary source of knowledge about their needs, preferences and concerns,” explains Francesc Pérez, Chief Revenue Officer at Latina.  “Leveraging this knowledge about the customer opens up infinite opportunities for banks to engage with their daily lives, both outside and inside the bank’s digital channels, and our decision engines make this possible,” he adds.

Bank alert features

Latinia’s products offer multiple options that allow for the configuration of a customisable and wide-ranging banking alert service, that is related to self-service and security. Alerting customers in real time about receiving transfers, card transactions, or planning reminders linked to their financial products, are some of the alerts that can be generated according to the preferences of each client. “Digital users are used to defining the medium and events for which they want to be alerted on different platforms like Netflix and Spotify, so it is understandable that they expect to be able to do the same with their bank’s alert service,” explains Francesc Pérez. “Customers demand more personalisation and attention from their financial providers. Bank alerts are an excellent communication channel to increase engagement, and recover the bank-customer connection,” explains the company’s executive.

It is also important to take into account another recurring worry of bank customers, according to surveys conducted by Latinia via its Linkedin page over the last two months: . “The role of banking alert services is very relevant in the field of both prevention and detection of fraudulent transactions, and products such as our Gateway demonstrate this on a daily basis”, as María José Echevarría, Sales Regional Manager for Central America at Latinia, explains.

In addition, Latinia’s real-time decision engines perfectly complement the platforms with which financial institutions manage their informational and promotional notifications, such as campaigns, loyalty programmes, product news, etc. “In short, banks have the necessary technology to offer their customers an omnichannel experience that covers all their needs, providing them with real and efficient support,” concludes Francesc Pérez.

The future of bank alerts

Personalisation is the biggest demand from digital users today. “Generic messages are no longer acceptable to customers, and at Latinia we are ready to help banks explore new formulas to drive hyper-personalised experiences based on the creation of events for each product, service and feature, as well as categories and subcategories for each event, and multiple channels enabled for each alert requested by customers,” explains Francesc Pérez.




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