How to Achieve a 55%+ Retention Rate in Banking with Real-Time Customer Experience

14 de November de 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the banking sector, the concept of customer experience (CX) has evolved from a peripheral element to a central strategy for customer retention and satisfaction. This shift is about adapting to customer expectations who now demand immediacy, personalization, and seamless interactions in their banking experiences. The emergence of real-time customer experience […]

Optimize NPS in Banking with Real-Time Analysis and Decision-Making Tools

4 de October de 2023

In the contemporary banking industry, there are notable challenges and opportunities, and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has established itself as a key indicator to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction in this competitive marketplace. Modern banking goes beyond merely providing financial products and services; delivering exceptional and memorable customer experiences has become paramount. Intensified competition […]

Co-branded Cards: Marketing Strategies with Real-time Tools

15 de September de 2023

In the competitive banking world, co-branded cards have emerged as a strategic tool to attract and retain customers and strengthen alliances with brands from various sectors. These cards, which combine the identity and benefits of a bank with those of a partnered brand, offer not only financial advantages but also unique loyalty opportunities. From the […]

Latinia vs. Marketing Automation

18 de July de 2023

Introduction The rapidly evolving digital landscape has fundamentally transformed the banking industry. Today’s customers expect personalized, instant, and seamless experiences from their financial institutions. Two powerful tools that are helping banks to meet and exceed these expectations are Marketing Automation and Real-Time Analytics. While they serve distinct functions, understanding how they interact can unlock a […]

Defining marketing automation and its applications in the banking industry

11 de July de 2023

Introduction The significance of marketing automation in today’s competitive landscape In today’s rapidly evolving and highly competitive business environment, marketing automation has become an indispensable tool for businesses across various industries. It enables organizations to streamline their marketing efforts, optimize customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. In the banking sector, where customer expectations are constantly […]

How to Maximize the Impact of your Next Best Action Strategy 

14 de June de 2023

Next Best Action (NBA) and Next Best Offer (NBO) campaigns are a very effective customer development tool. NBAs allow banks to show a willingness to respond to customer’s needs in a timely manner and avoid blasting one campaign or messaging out to every customer. In this article, you will learn how to perfect your Next […]

Banking on Micro-Moments and Next Best Actions to Boost Conversion

1 de June de 2023

In today’s digital age, customers are constantly connected and seeking instant solutions to their needs. This is where micro-moments come into play. Coined by Google, micro-moments refer to those brief instances when people instinctively turn to a device to fulfill an immediate desire or find information. These moments are crucial opportunities for businesses, including banks, […]

AI Co-Pilots and the New Era of Conscious Content Transformation

22 de May de 2023

In the digital space, all organizations compete and are forced to adapt to new AI-assisted knowledge models. This implies a new era of co-pilots in different department areas, where digital processes will be reviewed and adapted to hybrid-assisted knowledge models based on Large Language Model systems.      LLM Systems: Lights and Shadows   The introduction […]

5 Reasons Why Customers Switch Banks (and How to Emotionally Win Them Back)

21 de March de 2023

Banking is personal and emotional. Major consumer surveys confirm that many banks and credit unions lose loyalty when they treat their customers as mere “accounts” rather than individuals with emotional needs. If a customer does not feel that their bank values their business or does not support them when they are in need, they may […]

Retail banking sales fall 10% despite digital sales boom, says McKinsey Financial Services

9 de August de 2022

mckinsey financial services

How are banks dealing with the coexistence of physical and digital channels? McKinsey Financial Services analysts Sergey Khon, David Tan, Zubin Taraporevala and Ahmed Nizam answer this question in the report “Best of both worlds: Balancing digital and physical channels”, dedicated to analysing the impact on sales caused by the emergence of digital channels in […]

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