Facing the Data Silo Challenge: How Banks Can Overcome Fractured Customer Identities

18 de April de 2023

Data silos hinder banks from creating tailored and meaningful experiences for their clients, since customer data is too often trapped in different platforms. Here’s how to avoid data silos and overcome fractured customer identities with Latinia. What are information data silos? Have you ever wondered why you are being sent marketing messages to download an […]

3 Steps to Successful Bank Card Promotion Based on a Next Best Action Strategy

4 de April de 2023

Financial institutions have a significant impact on the financial lives of their cardholders, but this is a mutual relationship. Cardholders also possess the power to shape business practices and affect the types of products offered. It is crucial to consider both perspectives to leverage real-time revenue moments and untapped opportunities.   How the Next Best […]

Moment is King: Leveraging Real-time Customer Insights to Identify New Opportunities

28 de March de 2023

Today’s consumer is unpredictable and impossible to fit in a set of categories. Therefore, a linear customer journey no longer accurately reflects the dynamic nature of today’s banking consumers. Instead, financial institutions should focus on customer moments to provide value and assistance in real-time.   Customer’s Life Happens Beyond Your Digital Channels Every customer is […]

5 Reasons Why Customers Switch Banks (and How to Emotionally Win Them Back)

21 de March de 2023

Banking is personal and emotional. Major consumer surveys confirm that many banks and credit unions lose loyalty when they treat their customers as mere “accounts” rather than individuals with emotional needs. If a customer does not feel that their bank values their business or does not support them when they are in need, they may […]

Redeban: Reaping the Benefits of a Smooth Path to Cloud

7 de March de 2023

Is your legacy infrastructure holding you back from reaching new heights? Learn how Redeban, a leading provider of bank transaction notification services in Colombia, overcame growth challenges and improved service quality by leveraging the inherent benefits of Latinia’s cloud native product. The Challenge: Managing Service Demand Fluctuations with Legacy Systems Redeban’s transaction notification processing services […]

Benefits of real-time payments

28 de February de 2023

real time payments

Real-time payment (RTP) networks are booming in the global financial sector. Experts already estimate that by 2026 this type of payment will account for 25% of electronic payments, driving a new banking ecosystem that meets the current needs of customers. The specialized Fintech publication Finextra, in its article What the banks vs fintech debate gets […]

The Open Banking Revolution

21 de February de 2023

open banking

What do financial institutions think of the rise of Open Banking? According to a survey of more than 700 banking professionals by software company Finastra for its State of the Nation Survey 2022 report, the impact of open finance is broad, global and necessary for the financial industry to move forward: “Open Banking is now […]

The rise of challenger banks

14 de February de 2023

challenger banks

The demand for digital financial services offered by challenger banks continues to grow worldwide, although not at the same pace. According to the report published by SEON, Neobanking Index: The State of Neobanks in 2022, 46% of the adult population of Brazil already has an operating account with a neobank, as does 26% of the […]