Sopra Steria investigates the future of digital banking

7 de February de 2023

Sopra steria, digital banking

Digital transformation has been a complex challenge for banks, mainly due to the lack of a clear digital strategy and the fear of taking excessive risks by letting go of their heavy legacy infrastructures. The exponential pace of implementation of new technologies for traditional banking is slower than the development dynamics of startups, which are […]

Payment cards evolve with APIs

31 de January de 2023

card issuing

Legacy banking infrastructures were taken by surprise in mid-2010 by the arrival of new and fast-growing technology corporations such as Uber, Square, Instacar and Marcus. These companies implemented new payment solutions and ways of issuing cards through open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that make it easy to create customized payment card products with real-time funding […]

Banks must invest to improve their data security

24 de January de 2023

IBM Security

The costs incurred by data breaches reached an all-time high during 2022 and banking is the second industry facing the highest losses. This position shows that financial institutions are not investing enough in data prevention and security, which then has a knock-on effect their customers. This is one of the main conclusions reached by the […]

In the face of banking’s challenges, Latinia solutions

17 de January de 2023

economic benefit

Latinia’s experience is backed by more than 20 years of developing decision software and real-time communication products for the financial sector. Its tools specialize in bank filtering, so their degree of specialization is optimal as they are geared toward the specific needs of the financial industry, and their analysis of transactional events and customer intelligence […]

Virtual branches are the next step for banks in the metaverse

10 de January de 2023

virtual branches

Is the metaverse merely a fad or a technology that banks should be embracing? Are virtual offices a necessary resource to ensuring future relevance? The metaverse is a trend that in recent years has gained traction in many sectors and the financial sector was by no means left behind; its aim is to capture the […]

7 Innovative Banking Trends For 2023

3 de January de 2023

Banking trends

Which trends will define the banking sector in 2023? What are the innovation challenges facing the financial industry in the future? The publication The Financial Brand, in its article Top Retail Banking Innovation Trends for 2023, highlights that “the future of retail banking innovation has the foundation of internal and external data, advanced analytics, digital […]

Benefits of the cloud for the financial sector

26 de December de 2022

beneficios del cloud

It has been one of the most important technological trends of the year and everything suggests that it will continue to be so throughout 2023. We are speaking of cloud technology which, thanks to its benefits for financial institutions, is driving their competitiveness and digital transformation. Latinia, a leading developer of real-time decision and communication […]

Digital transformation works to serve the customer experience

20 de December de 2022

digital transformation, customer experience

The growing competition from Fintechs has accelerated digital transformation in order to optimize the customer experience in the banking sector. This is reflected in the report Global Banking Benchmark Study by Publicis Sapient, where 54% of the 1,000 senior banking executives surveyed in 13 countries indicated that rapid and decisive change, rather than incremental progress, […]

Customer Experience in Banking, According to EPAM’s Consumer Banking Report

13 de December de 2022

Consumer Banking Report, EPAM

Do consumers still trust their banks? How satisfied are they with their financial providers? Do customers still use branches or do they prefer other interaction channels? How is the customer experience in banking changing? What challenges and opportunities does unbundling offer? These are some of the questions that a total of 26,000 people answered for […]

What should be taken into account to prevent digital fraud in the financial sector?

7 de December de 2022

fraude digital

The digital transformation of the financial industry has forced banks to focus on cybersecurity, in order to minimize attacks on their own infrastructure, and to protect customers from digital fraud. Scammers are constantly looking for different ways to take advantage of users’ lack of knowledge and overconfidence to commit cyberattacks. As a result, each year […]