Banking on a Greener Future: UN’s NZBA Climate Goals for Financial Institutions

22 March 2024

climate goals for financial institutions

Climate change poses an existential threat to our planet, demanding urgent action from all sectors of society, including the financial industry. The global economy is intricately linked to the environment, and climate change could disrupt economic stability and growth. Financial institutions are uniquely positioned to drive significant change in the battle against climate change. By […]

Crafting a Sustainable Banking Strategy

11 October 2023

The Current Climate: Key Insights from McKinsey’s Green Growth Survey The growing concern for the environment has spurred a change in consumer behavior across various sectors, including finance. The shift towards green or sustainable finance is no longer a futuristic vision but a present-day reality. Understanding this change is critical for banking institutions as they […]

Sustainable banking is a good friend

2 November 2022

Sustainable banking

A bank that acts in the interest of society, clearly committed to doing things the right way, and with a management model based on the customer. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) defines what sustainable banking should be in its report Sense and Sustainability: an industry that generates a positive environmental and social impact, strengthening its […]

Digital for Good, the role banks play in sustainable development, according to Chris Skinner

22 March 2022

Digital for Good, Chris Skinner

The financial industry and technology can contribute to the construction of a fairer, more sustainable world. This is the premise behind the latest book from Chris Skinner – one of the world’s most influential finance and technology experts and creator of blog thefinanser.com. Entitled Digital for Good, the book has been written with collaboration from […]

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