Banorte reinforces its customer-centric strategy with Latinia’s Multichannel Notifications software

Mexico City, December 23rd, 2015.- Latinia has been selected by Grupo Financiero Banorte as its new financial notifications software vendor. Latinia will supply Banorte with its LIMSP© suite, “a product with which the bank firmly places the customer at the center of their strategy, making them a real time participant in everything that occurs with their finances,” says Guillermo Güemez, Innovation Deputy General Manager of the Mexican bank. Latinia’s proposal, which is “comprehensive, specialized in financial environments, and has widespread experience in the world of notifications,” stood out among other world class manufacturers and products.

“Latinia offers Banorte’s channels a further level of intelligence, whatever the notifications technology employed, and guarantees its clients the best possible customer service experience,” stated Daniel Aguilar, VP Sales for Latin American at Latinia. Güemez also pointed out that “this is a strategically aligned solution with widespread experience in the current and future needs of banks, both technological and business-oriented needs. More contact points offer the customer more convenience, but also creates a greater management complexity for the bank, and we believe that Latinia will help us grow in this way,” Banorte’s CIO explained.

For Aguilar, “the alliance with Banorte reinforces our position in Mexico, a priority market for the company. The rise in mobile banking applications has sky-rocketed, for example, the demand for products specialized in push notifications that simultaneously manage or can be integrated with the entity’s other technologies or channel platforms. In this regard, Banorte has not only acquired a fact-checked and highly reliable platform with a trustworthy architecture, leader in its category with dozens of references on both global and regional scales, but also a guarantee to always be at the forefront of innovation regarding multichannel notifications and customer experience.”

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