Channels and Customer management, rising stars in the 3.9.5 LIMSP© release

Barcelona, December 4th, 2015.– “Latest LIMSP© release delves deeper into product’s multichannel logic and customer intelligence, strengthening the software of which customer make the most intense use,” according to sources at the software factory that is responsible for the latest LIMSP© version update.

The R3.9.5 presents significant architectural improvements, highlighting flow control management, addressed with both process nodes and peaks and maximum limit, mass messaging module, user ability to select channels, or new data masking, with important advances in masking sensitive data, following the PCI-compliant logic of the software factory’s financial customers.

In relation to customer intelligence, innovations in the Customer Manager Center are noteworthy, delving deeper into the 360º Customer view, or the new Customer Property Management tool, where data is stored before use by the Managing Center.

On the other hand, the Push Notifications channel is strengthened with Folder ID, the introduction to Confidential/ Non-Confidential notifications, and in particular, support for interactive notifications, undoubtedly one of the best incremental contributions to the push channel. The e-mail channel has also received special work, with no less than a dozen new functions, check-as-read being one which is particularly remarkable.

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