«Chatbots pose the interaction model between a bank and its client»

Madrid, April 26th 2016.- «Talk to your bank thru the Messenger as if it was your brother who lives on the coast or your friend of the capital is a feeling as strange as natural and quotidian,» according to Oriol Ros (@oros), Marketing director at @Latinia, after checking the first initiatives appeared in the social network after the announcement made by Facebook in the past #f82016 of letting brand to interact with their clients.

«So far the experience with few active Messenger bots is, leaving aside the very initial moment they are, spectacular, and barely exists friction in terms of subscription to notification services. Certainly it seems ideal for spontaneous actions, such as checking the balance or knowing when your deposit expires, all very service oriented. Furthermore, the context does emerge stronger than ever; the bot learns from its own timeline with the client, generating increasing value interactions because of the nonstop learning that the bot does from the user, producing extremely positive service experiences», applauded Ros.

«The biggest challenge we see, live up to its huge potential, is how far will the banks willing to cede control in an environment where the client has already been logged by Facebook, and if within that space the interaction it’ll be allowed, or what type of interaction –of financial content- can take place between the bank and one of its clients without further authentication requirements set by the financial institution. We will probably see some stratification of services; balance inquiries could just be allowed with user’s initial login at Facebook, but more transactional actions will surely require authentication in two steps where the bank demands their own security conditions. If we believe that the bank has taken the logic of «going where my clients are» no choice but to look for a possible comfort zone with Facebook as to the rules of the game, because it is clear that the client will not move from the social network where cohabits and interacts daily with their inner circle of people; the bank must decide, and how, he wants to be part of that space, «concluded Ros.

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