Latinia, Startupbootcamp FinTech new investor in Latin America

CDMX, July 26, 2018.– Latinia has recently announced its incorporation to @Startupbootcamp Fintech in Latin America, the world leading innovation program focused on the new and disruptive financial industry, through its Acceleration and Scaling programs, both managed by @ Finnovista in Mexico City. Latinia joins @IGNIA_Fund (one of the most important venture capital funds in Mexico) as the 2nd investment venture partner, which also count as corporate partners to @VISA, @Fiinlab powered by @Gentera, @Banregio, @HSBC_MX , @EYMéxico and @WhiteCase.

«As a privileged player of the financial industry, we feel that the acceleration and scaling programs of @SbcFinTech represent an opportunity to continue engaging us at the highest level in the transformation of that amazing industry, and what better space than doing it with Finnovista and the other partners, prominent banks and corporations, as well as the IGNIA fund, «said Alejandro Olabarría, president of Latinia. «We want Latinia to share both its vision and experience working with Latin American financial institutions, as well as its knowledge of the different life cycles of a startup, collaborating to convert selected Fintechs participating in our programs in regional leaders of the financial industry», declares Fermín Bueno, Managing Partner of Finnovista and Startupbootcamp FinTech in Latin America.

The Spanish software company will provide funds to the vehicle managed by Finnovista in Mexico, which in turn takes shares in the 15 Fintech startups participating in the innovation programs each year: 10 for acceleration (Startupbootcamp FinTech) and another 5 for scaling up (Startupbootcamp Scale FinTech).

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