Banking on Micro-Moments and Next Best Actions to Boost Conversion

1 de June de 2023

In today’s digital age, customers are constantly connected and seeking instant solutions to their needs. This is where micro-moments come into play. Coined by Google, micro-moments refer to those brief instances when people instinctively turn to a device to fulfill an immediate desire or find information. These moments are crucial opportunities for businesses, including banks, […]

How Geolocation Can Shape the Future of Bank Customer Loyalty

8 de May de 2023

In today’s competitive financial landscape, leveraging geolocation data has become a crucial component of a bank’s strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Customer location data offers new opportunities for banks to cooperate with retailers and improve customer loyalty and engagement with non-invasive personalized offers that are highly relevant to their needs.      Geolocation Technology: Insights, […]

Will RCS bring about the end of SMS?

18 de October de 2022

RCS, seguridad

“Buy your mother an iPhone.” This was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s blunt response to an attendee at the Code 2022 conference when asked if the company would adopt the RCS messaging protocol so that his mother could view the videos he sent her. In its article entitled “Tim Cook would rather have you buy an […]

Andrew McKibben from Bank of America: “Client experience is the key trend for banking”

11 de October de 2022

Customer experience, Andrew McKibben

What is the most significant technology trend in banking? For Andrew McKibben, Head of International Technology and Operations at Bank of America, “client experience is the driving force behind investment and technological advances at our bank”. In an interview for The Banker with Joy Macknight, editor of the prestigious business publication, Andrew McKibben argues that […]

“Banks aren’t helping customers deal with the inflation crisis,” according to Personetics’ latest survey

27 de September de 2022


One-fifth of customers feel ignored or abandoned by their banks. This is one of the big warning signs for banks in the latest survey of 5,000 banking customers from across the U.S., United Kingdom, and Canada conducted by Personetics, a company specialising in the development of data-driven personalised customer engagement platforms for financial services. This […]

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