Card Blocked, Abroad at the Moment: (Re)building Trust with Customer-Centered Banking Experiences

Even if you have a lot of money in your account or a high credit limit, hearing that your card has been declined or blocked can be a reason for panic, especially when you’re traveling abroad and you can’t contact your bank to solve it. This very same experience happened to a LinkedIn user whose story went viral with almost 50,000 interactions.


Blocked Credit Card Abroad: A Frustrating Experience

As she explains herself, her card was blocked at the moment of paying in a restaurant. Despite having notified her bank in advance that she was going to travel overseas, her bank did not anticipate the possible situations that could arise during her stay outside the country, nor did it identify the incident in real time to offer her an appropriate solution.



In this case, after learning that their client was traveling abroad, the bank could have been proactive by:

  • Sending her the international customer service hotline number, which would have been very useful to the client.
  • Upon detecting the card was blocked in real-time, the bank could have contacted her to provide assistance.

How could the bank have provided this service? With Latinia, it would have been possible thanks to real-time transactional analysis, which promotes proactive action from financial institutions and improves their communication with customers. Banks are thus able to offer relevant services, interact with customers at the appropriate time and channel, and provide 24/7 support.

Apart from boosting proactivity, Latinia NBA is also a very useful tool to diversify the bank’s customer service strategy. “Among other advantages, this solution avoids the need for clients to call the bank call center to solve a problem,” claims Francesc Pérez, Chief Revenue Officer at Latinia. “Detecting and responding to an incident proactively can improve the customer’s perception of their financial provider,” he concludes.


Adding Value through Proactive Customer Service

“Banks can improve proactivity in situations relevant to their customers through the use case catalog offered by Latinia NBA. In this way, a set of actions can be planned to accompany the customer when traveling abroad,” states Francesc Pérez.



These alerts demonstrate the benefits of adopting a customer-centric strategy based on proactivity. “Why wait for a customer to have a problem during their vacation if the bank can anticipate and offer a valuable service? That is the key to Latinia NBA: accompanying the client in their daily life in a useful and consistent way.”


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