The Rise of Neobanks: What Nubank’s Expansion Means for Banks in Latin America

10 de November de 2023

Emerging from the bustling fintech scene of Brazil, Nubank has not only disrupted traditional banking paradigms but has also set its sights on a grander stage—Latin America. But what does this expansion means for the traditional banking sector ? Is Nubank a threat to the established order, or could it be the catalyst for a […]

Customer Segmentation in Banking: Building High-Impact Strategies

2 de November de 2023

In banking, customer segmentation is more than just a tool; it’s the central strategy for effectively connecting with our users and their needs. Each customer, with their unique demands and financial habits, presents us with the challenge of understanding them and, even more so, tailoring our offerings in a way that is genuinely relevant to […]

Artificial Intelligence in Banking: A Comprehensive Outlook for 2024

26 de October de 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims to create machines capable of intelligent behavior. It encompasses various technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics, among others. AI has the potential to mimic human intelligence, learn from data, and automate complex tasks, thereby revolutionizing various industries, including banking. This article […]

The Unified Solution Set to Transform Instant Payments in Europe: Wero

9 de October de 2023

The speed and efficiency in financial transactions have become indispensable, and Europe is not lagging in this transformation. In this setting, Wero emerges, the budding digital wallet poised to revolutionize the instant payment landscape across the continent. Developed under the aegis of the European Payments Initiative (EPI), Wero stands as a unified solution, marking the […]

Mobile payments market trends & insights 2023

25 de July de 2023

Introduction Mobile payments have emerged as a revolutionary tipping point in the rapidly shifting landscape of global finance. This unceasing evolution makes it paramount for banking and finance professionals to keep a pulse on current and future trends. With this aim, our post seeks to shed some light on the mobile payments market in 2023. […]

The Open Banking Revolution

21 de February de 2023

open banking

What do financial institutions think of the rise of Open Banking? According to a survey of more than 700 banking professionals by software company Finastra for its State of the Nation Survey 2022 report, the impact of open finance is broad, global and necessary for the financial industry to move forward: “Open Banking is now […]

The rise of challenger banks

14 de February de 2023

challenger banks

The demand for digital financial services offered by challenger banks continues to grow worldwide, although not at the same pace. According to the report published by SEON, Neobanking Index: The State of Neobanks in 2022, 46% of the adult population of Brazil already has an operating account with a neobank, as does 26% of the […]

Virtual branches are the next step for banks in the metaverse

10 de January de 2023

virtual branches

Is the metaverse merely a fad or a technology that banks should be embracing? Are virtual offices a necessary resource to ensuring future relevance? The metaverse is a trend that in recent years has gained traction in many sectors and the financial sector was by no means left behind; its aim is to capture the […]

7 Innovative Banking Trends For 2023

3 de January de 2023

Banking trends

Which trends will define the banking sector in 2023? What are the innovation challenges facing the financial industry in the future? The publication The Financial Brand, in its article Top Retail Banking Innovation Trends for 2023, highlights that “the future of retail banking innovation has the foundation of internal and external data, advanced analytics, digital […]

Banking and the metaverse

24 de May de 2022

metaverso, banca digital, customer experience, metaverse, banking

“The metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet experience, which enables people to move beyond browsing the web towards participating in or even inhabiting a persistent shared experience that spans the spectrum of our real world to a fully virtual world and in between.” This is the definition for the metaverse, one of the […]

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