Notification Pitfalls in Banking: Enhancing Customer Experience with Latinia

3 May 2024

Notification Pitfalls Banking

In digital banking, effective communication between banks and their customers is not just a convenience—it’s a cornerstone of customer trust and satisfaction. As financial institutions increasingly rely on digital channels to conduct daily operations, the role of timely and accurate notifications becomes paramount. Notifications in banking—from fraud alerts to low balance warnings—serve as critical touchpoints […]

Hyper-Personalization: The Future of Customer Experience in Banking

8 January 2024

In recent years, the banking sector has witnessed a significant transformation in customer experience (CX). The digital age has reshaped customer expectations, driving banks to innovate continually to meet these evolving needs. Today’s customers seek convenience, speed, and personalization, influencing banks to pivot from traditional service models to more customer-centric approaches. The integration of technology […]

Engaged Banking: 8 Core Steps for Enhanced Customer Relations

29 December 2023

Engaged Banking is a multifaceted strategy that encapsulates understanding customer needs, providing timely and relevant information, personalizing banking experiences, and building a long-term relationship that benefits both the bank and its customers. As we delve into the eight strategic pillars of achieving engaged banking, we will explore how integrating solutions like Latinia can meet the […]

Empowering Customers: Best Practices to Self-Service Banking Success

22 December 2023

The financial landscape is undergoing a transformative shift towards digitalization, compelling banks to reevaluate their service delivery models. In this era, self-service banking emerges not just as a convenience but as a necessity. It empowers customers with immediate access to banking services, anytime and anywhere, aligning with the modern expectation for speed and autonomy. By […]

Senior Banking in the Digital Era

15 December 2023

The banking needs of seniors are distinct and multifaceted. They range from requiring easy access to banking services to needing tailored financial products that align with their retirement plans. Additionally, the digital revolution in banking, while beneficial in many ways, poses a significant hurdle for many in this age group who may not be as […]

Customer Retention, Loyalty, and Fidelity: 3 Keys to Banking Success

30 November 2023

The digital age has radically transformed the banking landscape, presenting challenges and opportunities for financial institutions. This revolution extends beyond technology; it explores how banks relate to their customers and adapt their services to an increasingly connected world. In this context, understanding and applying the concepts of retention, loyalty, and fidelity is more crucial than […]

Ensuring the Delivery of Critical Banking Notifications with Latinia Critical Events Gateway

12 September 2023

In the fast-paced world of modern banking, notifications have emerged as a vital communication channel between banks and their customers. However, while these notifications are essential, ensuring timely and error-free delivery has become an increasing challenge. Real-time delivery of critical banking notifications is now more than a convenience; it’s an expectation. Banks are under constant […]

Reducing Call Volume in Banking Call Centers: Innovative Strategies and Solutions

31 August 2023

The 24/7 Nature of a Customer’s Finances In today’s fast-paced digital age, customers’ financial lives never sleep. Whether they’re shopping online at midnight, making international transfers in the wee hours, or checking their account balances first thing in the morning, their financial activities span across the clock. This 24/7 nature of personal finances implies a […]

Customer Experience in Banking, According to EPAM’s Consumer Banking Report

13 December 2022

Consumer Banking Report, EPAM

Do consumers still trust their banks? How satisfied are they with their financial providers? Do customers still use branches or do they prefer other interaction channels? How is the customer experience in banking changing? What challenges and opportunities does unbundling offer? These are some of the questions that a total of 26,000 people answered for […]

Towards personalization of bank alerts

21 September 2022

Personalizar alertas bancarias

Wonder how to improve a bank’s proactivity so they can offer truly useful and consistent service to their customers through bank alert? The software products developed by Latinia have been specifically designed for the financial sector, with the aim of providing a solution to this challenge. “The key lies in filtering and analysing customers’ real-time […]

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