The Importance of Real-Time Notifications for Security in Banking

19 April 2024

Banking security real time notifications

In the dynamic landscape of North American banking, real-time notifications have become a cornerstone of modern security strategies. These notifications serve as critical tools for banks, allowing them to instantly communicate with customers regarding account activities, potentially unauthorized transactions, and security events. In regions like the United States and Canada, where digital banking adoption rates […]

Cutting-Edge Defenses Against Banking Scams, Phishing, and fraud

25 January 2024

The financial sector is currently facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of scams, fraud, and phishing attacks. These deceptive practices have become increasingly sophisticated, leveraging technology to exploit vulnerabilities in financial systems and consumer behavior. In 2023, the impact of these activities was staggering, with payment fraud attempts on U.S. businesses spiking by 71%, […]

Evolving Regulations in Financial Communications: Compliance and Competitiveness

29 September 2023

The Exponential Rise in Financial Communications The Role of Technology in Bank-Client Communication We live in an era where instant communication is more than a convenience; it’s an expectation. From real-time banking transaction updates to chatting with financial advisors via mobile apps, technology has dramatically transformed how banks and financial institutions interact with their clients. […]

Compliance and Data Security in Marketing Automation for Banking

14 August 2023

Introduction to Marketing Automation in Banking What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a digital approach that employs software platforms and technologies specifically designed for marketing departments and organizations. It streamlines, automates, and analyzes marketing tasks and workflows, such as email automation, social media posting, and website actions. This leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness […]

The Banking Customer as the Key to Cybersecurity

15 May 2023

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in cyberattacks. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is booming: by the end of 2023, it could have an impact of close to $8 trillion globally and the forecast for 2025 is $10.5 trillion. Social engineering techniques, in particular, have become more prevalent and sophisticated, with cybercriminals […]

How Banks Can Turn Compliance into a Business Opportunity

25 April 2023

Compliance is a significant burden and expense for financial institutions. However, with Latinia, banks can easily meet regulatory requirements, leverage the data collected through compliance processes as a valuable business tool, and turn it into an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.   Easing the Burden of Regulatory Compliance Regulatory compliance is a continuous challenge […]

Banks must invest to improve their data security

24 January 2023

IBM Security

The costs incurred by data breaches reached an all-time high during 2022 and banking is the second industry facing the highest losses. This position shows that financial institutions are not investing enough in data prevention and security, which then has a knock-on effect their customers. This is one of the main conclusions reached by the […]

What should be taken into account to prevent digital fraud in the financial sector?

7 December 2022

fraude digital

The digital transformation of the financial industry has forced banks to focus on cybersecurity, in order to minimize attacks on their own infrastructure, and to protect customers from digital fraud. Scammers are constantly looking for different ways to take advantage of users’ lack of knowledge and overconfidence to commit cyberattacks. As a result, each year […]

IC3 Report: Cybercrime in the US

13 September 2022

Informe IC3 cibercrimen

In the US there were seven billion dollars of estimated losses due to cybercrime, and almost 850,000 complaints filed in 2021. These are the figures published by the IC3, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center specialising in cyber and internet crime, in the “Internet Crime Report 2021”, which analyses cybercrime activity in the country. These […]

More than 57 million earmarked for banking cybersecurity in Spain

2 August 2022

ciberseguridad bancaria

The financial system, aware of the challenge that banking cybersecurity currently poses, is dedicating significant resources to the area. More specifically, and according to the article published by news portal Finanzas.com entitled Ciberseguridad: el gran desafío de la banca digital (Cybersecurity: Digital Banking’s Great Challenge), “it is estimated that Spanish banks spent around 4,000 million […]

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