More than 57 million earmarked for banking cybersecurity in Spain

2 August 2022

ciberseguridad bancaria

The financial system, aware of the challenge that banking cybersecurity currently poses, is dedicating significant resources to the area. More specifically, and according to the article published by news portal Finanzas.com entitled Ciberseguridad: el gran desafío de la banca digital (Cybersecurity: Digital Banking’s Great Challenge), “it is estimated that Spanish banks spent around 4,000 million […]

Dominic Stewart, Head of Cloud Engineering at Oracle: “Cloud computing is a secure technology for the bank and its customers”

12 July 2022

Dominic Stewart, The Banker

Cloud computing can help banks better serve their customers, but how? This is the starting point for a series of four informative videos entitled the “Foundations of digital financial services”, a conversation between Dominic Stewart, Senior Director and Head of Cloud Engineering at Oracle UK, and Joy Macknight, editor of the prestigious business magazine The […]

Next Best Action, proactivity for banks

28 June 2022

Next Best Action

How to identify business opportunities from customer transactions? Latinia’s software, Next Best Action (NBA), has been specifically designed for banking as a tool to improve the proactivity of financial institutions thanks to the filtering and analysis of transactional events and customer intelligence data. The collection, interpretation and activation of consumer information has become a competitive […]

TechnoVision 2022: technology trends for the financial sector

21 June 2022

TechnoVision 2022

The digital transformation of the financial sector is a process that has been advancing steadily for years, relying on technology as its main driving force. Innovation is constant and new functionalities appear every day, heralding significant changes in the financial industry, but how can we determine which solutions will have a genuine impact on the […]

Real-time banking analytics

7 June 2022

Real Time Analytics

The digital banking transformation has been made possible thanks to the technological advances in recent years and the ability to manage and analyse large volumes of data more efficiently and quickly. This digital evolution has been based on the development of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and large-scale analytics, such as, for example, real-time data analysis, […]

Capgemini Research Institute examines the power of data in banking

31 May 2022

Putting clients at the centre of business decisions and adopting a data-driven management model helps develop more personalised experiences as to improve customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. This is one of the most significant conclusions of the report “The customer engagement imperative. What Banks can learn from the FinTech Playbook”, which is part of the […]

Banking and the metaverse

24 May 2022

metaverso, banca digital, customer experience, metaverse, banking

“The metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet experience, which enables people to move beyond browsing the web towards participating in or even inhabiting a persistent shared experience that spans the spectrum of our real world to a fully virtual world and in between.” This is the definition for the metaverse, one of the […]

The emergence of mobile banking

26 April 2022

mobile banking

Mobile banking, although already on the rise even before the pandemic, has experienced extensive growth from 2020 onwards, establishing itself as a key element in improving the customer experience. Current state of mobile banking As reported in the article How Banking Apps use Push Notifications to enhance the Customer Experience published by One Signal, statistics […]

Want to improve your bank’s customer knowledge with Latinia’s Subscription Engine?

12 April 2022

Conocimiento de cliente, banco

For years financial institutions have been immersed in intense digital transformation processes with the aim of improving their value proposition, placing the client at the heart of business decisions and adapting to an ever-changing and extremely demanding environment. The pandemic has accelerated these processes and banks have focused on the need to enhance customer knowledge […]

Cloud computing, spearheading digital transformation

5 April 2022

Cloud Computing, banca digital

The future of IT technology should be geared towards the adoption of cloud computing by businesses. This is one of the most common recommendations in reports on technology trends in 2022, such as those recently published by global consulting firms KPMG, Deloitte, and IDC. What are the advantages of cloud computing for banks? This system […]

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