Latinia premiers in the category of CEP solutions with Alert Engine

16 August 2011

Barcelona, August 16th, 2011.- “Beyond strictly informative messages, it was clear to us that, nowadays, it was necessary to start thinking more in terms of business for financial institutions, enabling them to deliver a more compelling and relevant content to their clients, seeking to generate a more attractive dialog for both parties. Based upon this […]

Latinia incorporates push notifications to its asynchronous channels’ offer

19 July 2011

Madrid, July 19th 2011.- “Living for over 10 years with a technology as mature and intensive as text messages makes the step from one asynchronous channels to another, as they share the same DNA, a relatively simple technological effort but it is of great benefit to our clients, who are eager for new forms of […]

“We would not feel comfortable offering triple play for mobile banking”

21 June 2011

Madrid, 21st June 2011.- “We believe in the radical specialization of our knowledge and skills, and this means developing software infrastructure products for asynchronous corporate notifications, whether they be SMS, email or the newly-emerging push notifications”, indicated Oriol Ros, Latinia’s Head of Marketing. “There are three branches to mobile banking; browsing, applications and messaging or […]

Latinia, from the LatAm Movilforum conference: “SMS is a key component of the 2.0 strategy for financial institutions and few of them realize this”

14 April 2011

Mexico City, Thursday April 14, 2011.-“We have bad news. The distance between a financial institution and its customers has significantly grown this past decade. The indicators of trust in financial institutions have been significantly reduced, and logically, events like the latest crisis have not helped to recover it, rather the opposite. But there is also […]

“We have captured user attention, but SMS Banking must now move forward.”

21 March 2011

“Although two reports published this month by TowerGroup and Accenture were very revealing about the ROI of some entities’ mobile channels, it is only when they observe and consider the channel as a strategic investment and aim to create long-term value for their users that this channel will progress from a one-off initiative to a […]

MWC 2011: “The industry is starting to show unmistakable signs of recovery”

18 February 2011

“Not only has the worst passed, as we were able to predict intuitively last year, but there’s also a feeling that the industry is preparing for another major growth cycle, fuelled by new market drivers and a certain understanding between the chain’s heavy players, who previously had been fighting over the new and highly monetizable […]

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