LIMSP© new 3.9.3 release moves towards customizing content

16 de January de 2013

Barcelona, January 16th, 2013. – “More important than any other headline, the main highlight of this new release concerns everything encompassing customization; we are addressing a person and his or her circumstances, no longer a GSM or an e-mail account, a real quantum leap in terms of relevance” Ricard Rovira, head of Latinia Lab, announced […]

“Client circumstances outline a new real-time management scheme”

22 de October de 2012

Madrid, 22nd October 2012.- Francesc Pérez, business manager for the software vendor Latinia, affirms that “real time between a client’s financial activity and the generation of an informative notification has been comfortably handled by the majority of financial institutions for some time now. Nowadays, this real-time objective has become part of a new scenario, i.e., […]

“Today, a bank’s most valuable asset is to have their customer’s attention”

25 de September de 2012

Barcelona, September 25, 2012. – “How do you attract the attention of someone who receives 3,000 ad hits per day? How do you capture a second of their finite and predictably saturated attention?”, in this manner, Francesc Pérez, business director, summarized the essence of the main thoughts he shared a few weeks ago in the […]

Latinia includes real time cross-selling in its financial notifications

24 de July de 2012

Barcelona, 24 July 2012. “Although there was a time when mobility meant cost savings, we are increasingly aware that our clients demand imagination and innovation to increase their earnings; our answer is to include real time cross-selling in our communications with clients.” This is how Oriol Ros, Marketing Manager at Latinia, summarises the software provider’s […]

Latinia extends its multichannel alert products to TV Banking

5 de July de 2012

BARCELONA, July 5, 2012/PRNewswire/ — “The success of the now-ubiquitous “apps” has opened up a whole new world of possibilities which reach far beyond smartphones; applications, and consequently their inseparable push alert systems, have found a natural extension of their original value prop in the smart televisions’ ecosystem. Here at Latinia, we have chosen to […]

“Competing to be relevant in real time is the new battleground for banking”

26 de June de 2012

Madrid, June 26, 2012.- “Understanding the customer’s context is the key for a new dialog based on the relevance between financial institutions and their customers”. With these words, Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager, summed up his presentation, “Welcome to the age of relevance”, which took place today in Madrid, within the framework of a conference […]

“Messaging and SMS are no longer exclusive and perfect synonyms”

22 de May de 2012

Barcelona, May 22, 2012. – “Some time ago, in a not too distant kingdom, to talk about messaging was to talk about SMS … that is how any narration could begin when trying to explain this phenomenon to future generations. This is, to say the least, the reality that emerged in 2011. Today, messaging is […]

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