Latinia incorporates push notifications to its asynchronous channels’ offer

Madrid, July 19th 2011.- “Living for over 10 years with a technology as mature and intensive as text messages makes the step from one asynchronous channels to another, as they share the same DNA, a relatively simple technological effort but it is of great benefit to our clients, who are eager for new forms of connecting and doing business with their clients”, stated Marc Alcón, technical director of Latinia. “The case of push notifications is especially meaningful, with a growth of up to two figures per quarter thanks to the wide spread use that smartphones and tablets receive, a field in which Latinia would also like to contribute”, Continued Alcón.

“It’s something that we already proved with email and instant messaging. Genetically the similarities are overwhelming, even though their final format and effectiveness make them notably quite different. That DNA which is so similar makes the decision to offer push notifications a step that is completely in line with our company’s mission, offering real time notifications in corporate environments, and with our positioning coherence, a software business specialized in asynchronous communications. Obviously the possibilities are endless, from promotional use-localization included- to more transactional financial services, this depends solely on the client” continued Alcón.

Latinia made their first approximation to the format in 2005 with a solution Service Delivery Platform for BBVA with update notifications that were periodically sent from their mobile broker to their clients, in this case it was developed on the MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) and Push Registry.

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