Latinia, from CL@B of Colombia: “We help banks to place the client in the center of their business strategies”

Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), August 19th, 2011.- “Few financial institutions are aware that, at any given moment in which they inform their clients regarding any circumstance related to their finances, they have a gateway to start up a conversation based upon the additional remittance of relevant content for them and their interests”. With these words, Francesc Perez, business director of Latinia, started his speech at the XI Strategic Congress on Technology and Financial Marketing (CL@B) that is being currently held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and in which Latinia, for the fourth consecutive year, has a noticeable presence as speaker and sponsor. Latinia has likewise presented, during these days, its new infrastructure solution, LIMSP© CEP Alert Engine, a product that captures, filters, analyzes and processes in real-time, up to 2,000 events per second for the core banking systems of financial institutions, so that, by converging the interests of the institution with those of its clients, multichannel notifications are generated that operate within the specific context of each client and service.

“Nowadays, few institutions ask about how to be more relevant for their clients, they simply limit themselves to sending informative notifications, without analyzing the financial, physical context, schedule, the service at issue, the transaction amount, … that client in particular, thus missing a unique opportunity to be more perceptible, closer to their interests, going beyond solely informative content to propose something linked to that moment and to those circumstances”, thus reported the first executive of the Catalonian software vendor, who will be participating in road shows these days in different promotional acts presenting Latinia’s new product.

“With Alert Engine we have endeavored to respond to that need or obligation I would say, of putting the client back at the center of financial institutions’ strategies and we have developed, more than a product, a value proposal that will help them to reinforce those ties, somewhat slack at present, between financial institutions and their clients. The channel that the bank decides to exploit, whether online, mobile, or even the screen of an ATM machine is irrelevant, what is important is the context of that informative message and the relevant content used to recapture the attention of our client” continued Pérez.

“We align the interests of the client, based on their settings of subscription to the alerts or notifications of the entity, with those of the bank, with any additional information remitted to the same, and based upon the reading in real-time of all the events generated by its clients, direct or indirect, that is, from the withdrawal of cash from an ATM, to the receipt of the electric bill, the product analyzes, filters and captures that raw information in order to generate a multichannel message, which is not only informative, but incorporates a personalized content for the client and for the moment of the transaction”, insisted Pérez.

“Alert Engine is born with the concept of the client as a window of opportunities”, continued Francesc Perez. “If the due date of their card payment is near, why not offer them a deferment of the payment, a payment plan, or even a consumer loan? If we detect a movement for a very large amount, why not offer the possibility of blocking the transaction? With the points being accumulated from their purchases, specify the products which they can currently redeem from their loyalty program, if their contracted deposit expires shortly, offer a renewal or extension of the same, etc.,…Alert Engine thinks, executes and proposes as many options as operations produced by their clients. Its mission is simple: to convert the day-to-day actions, that is, the recurrent contact with clients, into something exceptional, into a unique business opportunity for you –with reference to the present institutions-, and into something relevant for them [the clients of the institutions]”, finalized Perez, not before concluding that “competition is no longer being present on the iPhone, instead it is to be on a broad range of multi-channels, from ATMs to cards, through online banking, but always oriented towards business; it is useless to enter the spiral of supposed innovation, which each new channel provides us, if we do not have a profit value approach. The channels should be self-sustainable, and that is only achieved by putting special emphasis on certain contents, regardless of the channel chosen”, he summarized in the first of his public appearances during these days in Colombia, where the Catalonian trademark has clients such as Redeban Multicolor or Bank of Bogotá.

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