“Bank of the future with be Propositive and Contextual, no doubt”

11 de August de 2014

Miami, August 2014 11th-.”The adoption of a customer-centric vision reveals as a must to offer a positive service experience and so build up a trust-based relationship with your customer, stated today Daniel Aguilar, Latinia’s business manager for the Latin American region at the 5th edition of Cards & Payments, venue held these days in Miami […]

9 out of 10 banks already offer mobile financial services in Latin America

15 de July de 2014

Bogota, July 2014 15th-. “After two years where the number of mobile banks seemed stalled around 80%, implying that they had reached a technical ceiling and only grew in number of services, 2014 marks a new growth phase in “mobilized” banks, reaching 92% in the top 100 in the region”, according to the study authors. […]

“Any interaction with you customer is an opportunity to reengage him”

29 de May de 2014

Mexico City, May 28, 2014 – “Between what you want to tell your client and what interests him there is a small space, an intersection that all financial institution yearn; a place called relevance. We do have to understand it as the most direct route, the only one to regain the attention span of an […]

“In the client context resides the solution to its current indifference”

26 de March de 2014

Mexico City, 25th March 2014. – “We’ll only be relevant to a client if we are able, in real-time, to find out which is the next best possible action to its interests, and it all comes down to its context, assured Daniel Aguilar, Latinia’s head for the Latin America region on its pitch “Value Creation […]

Redeban grows dramatically its notifications service hand in hand with Latinia

17 de March de 2014

Bogotá, March 2014 17th – “Leadership through innovation requires the fulfillment of two basic conditions; a demand, the more enthusiastic the better, and reliability, both of from the technology as it is and from your selected supplier. Thanks to this combination of elements a million notifications arrive every day to tens of thousands of Colombian […]

Wearables will expand the spatiotemporal window for the reception of notifications

21 de January de 2014

Madrid, January 21th 2014. – “They will reach us making a lot of noise, having already landed in the track yourself movement and becoming familiar with its massive presence, but the financial industry won’t suffer a lesser impact due to the tremendous potential of the wearable devices, said Oriol Ros, marketing director of Latina. “These […]

Latinia takes part again in the “Business With Social Value” initiative

11 de December de 2013

Barcelona, December 11, 2013 – . For 2nd year in a row, and after the great success achieved in its 1st edition, Latinia is fully engaged again organizing the Business With Social Value (BWSV 2013) event, a charitable initiative that seeks to improve and growth business with social value signing and that will take place […]

“Banks should be obsessed with what should be the next best action with a client”

23 de October de 2013

Barcelona, October 23rd, 2013. – ” Despite the willingness to implement customer-centric strategies, many organizations continue to work from back to front, first designing the product and then thinking about whom to target; Latinia proposes to reengineer that logic; first we see who has created the opportunity for a dialogue, that is, a client that […]

BCI bets for Latinia’s technology

25 de September de 2013

Santiago de Chile, September 25th, 2013. – “Financial alerts won’t be as sexy as a rocking App or the bank’s portal adapted to the cell, but certainly are the best way to monetize a good relationship with your customers, being also an excellent tool for loyalty”, described Claudia Goycoolea, manager of Internet and Mobile Banking […]

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