Banks must work on reducing friction with their customers through technology improvements

16 de September de 2013

Miami, September 12, 2013. – “Reduce friction in the interaction between a bank and its customers must remain the main goal of technological financial institutions’ bets,” said Francesc Pérez, Latinia’s business development director during his speech on banking innovation in the Felaban CLAB held these days in Miami. The fair, now in its thirteenth edition, […]

Mobile Apps equal SMS Banking in mobile financial services in Latin America

14 de August de 2013

Bogota, August 14th, 2013. – Mobile Apps and SMS Banking are in a dead heat situation on mobile banking leadership in Latin America, as the overall supply of mobile financial services in the región has grown 70% in the last 4 years. Almost 80% of mobile banks in the top 100 already offer 2.3 mobile […]

“Banks and new players are at a time of mutual observation”

26 de June de 2013

Madrid, June 25, 2013. – “They’re watching themselves, feeling as much curiosity as distrust of each other, and do not know whether to compete or to cooperate. One takes innovation in its DNA, the other one knows for more than a century how to move in the regulatory backstage “, with those words sums up […]

Latinia from MobeyDay: “more open Banks mean more closer ones”

12 de June de 2013

Barcelona, June 12th, 2013. – “There is some sort of consensus that a greater degree of intimacy between banks and customers goes through a more open banking model with thirds, a more collaborative banking ecosystem, and certainly that this step should be very well measured and done with maximum respect for the privacy of user […]

Latinia backs the 49er yachtsmen Carlos Robles and Dani Codina in their race for Rio 2016

3 de June de 2013

Barcelona, June 3rd, 2013. – “The values of the sailing world, more specifically in the 49er class, and what Carlos Robles and Dani Codina represent are extremely close to Latinia and its business culture, based on teamwork, agility, spirit of improvement, youth and of course, ambition. This is very consistent with Latinia as the concepts […]

Latinia revamps its Biz Program

15 de May de 2013

Barcelona, May 15th. – “More flexibility in the relationship with our Partners, more self-service in the early stages of a business prospect and greater autonomy in the pursuit of opportunities are the main reasons that have led us to this profound remodeling of the program”, announced Oriol Ros, Latinia Marketing Manager, about the new Latinia’s […]

“Relevance is the only antidote to combat the attention crash”

24 de April de 2013

Madrid, April 24th, 2013.- “In a scenario of approaching overload, cause of the thousands of impacts that a consumer daily receives claiming his attention, the only way to get that magical moment when he listens to us is looking for its WOW. People forget what you say, what you do, but never will forget how […]

Bancoppel propels its business with the support of Latinia

9 de April de 2013

Mexico City, April 9, 2013. – “Each Bancoppel customer directly or indirectly generates a large amount of financial information from its activity on a daily basis; these data contain relevant facts that are potentially notifiable. Multiply that reality by 10 million, which is the total number of Bancoppel customers and you will understand the challenge […]

Banco de Bogota boosts its mobile banking hand in hand with Latinia

14 de March de 2013

Bogota, March 14, 2013. – “Technological developments have become allies of bank customers, by having applications that allow them to stay informed about the use of their financial products. In this regard, Banco de Bogota works closely with Latinia, a company with its roots in Catalonia specializing in innovative software infrastructure solutions that provide access […]

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