Redeban grows dramatically its notifications service hand in hand with Latinia

Bogotá, March 2014 17th – “Leadership through innovation requires the fulfillment of two basic conditions; a demand, the more enthusiastic the better, and reliability, both of from the technology as it is and from your selected supplier. Thanks to this combination of elements a million notifications arrive every day to tens of thousands of Colombian cells by the hand of the software infrastructure vendor Latinia, said Valentin Echeverry, Vice President of Technology and Operations RBM Redeban Multicolor.

“There is more than a will but an absolute need by the customers of our customers to be informed about the state of their finances…in real time…which represents a huge challenge because there is no other way to provide the service but on that mode, which leads to a high demand in terms of technology that Latinia has always known how to face. In that sense we are proud to have onboard the company that has better demonstrated understands the changing world of notifications”, continued Echeverry .

“Some of the largest banks in Colombia enjoy the excellence of the notifications service that RBM offers exclusively for business cards and other banking products to its customers since three years ago. It unmistakably contributes to the generation of positive customer experiences that reinforce brand loyalty to both RBM and their financial partners”, concluded the chief technology officer of the company in Colombia.

“RBM Redeban Multicolor was one of our first customers in the region, and the years we have traveled together have deeply strengthened the relationship, what fuels us to continually improve our multichannel notifications software. RBM is an excellent benchmark for other financial institutions in Latin America in terms of innovation and willingness to serve beyond their core business”, said Daniel Aguilar, vendor’s sales manager for Latin America.

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