FICOHSA, first bank in LA to send push notifications with private financial content and contextual alerts to their customers

Tegucigalpa (Honduras), February 11th 2014 –. “We are pleased to excel in something so innovative and being at the forefront of a technology that will have a leading role in the roadmap of financial notifications in the coming years, since we do it hand in hand with the best possible partner, Latinia”. So proud summed Indira Vijil, Head of Electronic Channels of FICOHSA, top tier financial institution in Central America, it’s bet for push notifications. FICOHSA is the first bank in the whole continent that exploits that disrupting technology for sending private financial content to its customers. Their commitment comes with a powerful cross-selling tool that sends financial offers to its customers based on a real-time analysis of their spatiotemporal context and financial behavior.

“We dare to say that right now FICOHSA has the best credentials to be a top bank in technological terms. His ambition and growth is being accompanied by cutting edge solutions in multichannel notifications and real-time decision management software”, mentioned Daniel Aguilar, sales manager for the LatAm region from the Catalan software vendor.

To their bet for push notifications FICOHSA has added a new tool with “great strategic value and business potential” which is cross-selling over those notifications “as long as the client context and conditions suggest to do so”, according Vijil. “Understanding how, when and what else to tell our clients is perfectly aligned with our customer-centric strategy, putting the client at the center of all our actions. We want them to perceive us close, but with relevant facts to their interests. We want them to optimize their financial well-being; that is the mission behind our commitment to that technology. And in that sense there was no better software vendor in Latin America than Latinia, who not only ensures the most robust and reliable software but an unsurpassed innovation roadmap in financial notifications”, Vijil locked.

“With that step forward FICOHSA ramps up its commitment to leading technological developments in the region, not only in Honduras, which concentrates most of its assets, but also in Guatemala, proving to be one of the frontrunners to have in mind when talking about leading-edge financial institutions in the region”, said Aguilar.

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