Context and Propositive Banking, Latinia’s main points at CLAB 2014

Bogota, September 2nd 2014. – With a speech mainly focused on the customer and the creation of positive service experiences from multichannel financial notifications Latinia will attend next week to its already 6th CLAB, the fourteenth edition of this annual Congress where key players from the region’s financial industry bring together to discuss about Strategies, Trends and newest marketing and IT tools currently implemented by the Financial industry.

Touch points with the customer keep up boosting, therefore we need to arrange them in order to be able to communicate with the customer in a coherent and seamless manner, thus generating positive footprint customer experiences that let financial institutions to develop a new framework with the customer based on trust and content relevancy, so said Francesc Perez from Bogotá, where roadshowing prior to CLAB. “Smart TV’s and watches, bracelets, and not least popular Google Glass, all of them represent a new landing strip for multichannel financial notifications. Whoever knows how to be relevant with its content will have not only their customer’s permission but also will recover its lost attention; you just have to understand your customer’s context, stated Perez.

The top business executive from the Catalan software vendor will make his yearly pitch at CLAB under the title “Propositive Banking; from convenience to dialogue, where he will describe in detail how assumed the mobile channel by the consumer it’s time to hatch a new banking model, a Propositive banking, a proactive banking that regains its lost commercial initiative with its clients“. Perez justified Latinia’s presence in the venue, “even prior to our regional expansion” by its huge importance into the company’s strategy due to the content treated during the Congress and networking breaks, “highly relevant to our interests”. Latinia also has an outstanding presence in the exhibition area, with a demo zone where to see and test its flagship suite of solutions LIMSP ©.

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