Latinia’s Software Present in Top Banks of Five Latin American Countries

Bogota, Wednesday, December 17th, 2014. – “Becoming the financial notifications multichannel software benchmark for the first banks of five countries in the LatAm region does not only provide the satisfaction of the top level success of your value proposition, but also represents an outstanding stimulus for the continued innovation in the field of new alert formats”, said Francisco Perez, Business Development Head of the Catalan software vendor.

Latinia is currently the chosen financial notification strategy infrastructure for five leading Banks in as many LatAm region countries: BCP (Peru), Santander (Chile), Banco de Venezuela, Banco de Bogota (Colombia), and FICOHSA (Honduras), in addition to another half a dozen top financial references, among which stand out Redeban Multicolor in Colombia and BCI in Chile. Just in Latin America, Latinia’s software is used by these banks to communicate with more than 50 million accountholders and execute more than a billion annual notification transactions.

“Our software modularity and scalability enable our products to grow in sync with our clients’ needs and even adapt to demanding needs of mature institutions”, says Perez. Plans for the Company continue to be very focused in the LatAm region, where growing and expanding local development and commercial teams are primary strategic objectives.

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