“Bank of the future with be Propositive and Contextual, no doubt”

Miami, August 2014 11th-.”The adoption of a customer-centric vision reveals as a must to offer a positive service experience and so build up a trust-based relationship with your customer, stated today Daniel Aguilar, Latinia’s business manager for the Latin American region at the 5th edition of Cards & Payments, venue held these days in Miami where attended all main Means of Payments Latin American Executives.

Aguilar reviewed Banks different approaches, from product-centric, multichannel, or the current customer focused (“where Banks devise products based on the experience of their customers and what they know about them”). He also addressed the emerging opportunity relating new notification channels and how they will “let banks to be more relevant, convenient and improve their customer’s offer through a higher degree of customization.”

Catalan’s software company manager detailed how beside the new notification technologies there are flourishing new devices where to send these notifications, exemplifying it with the fashionable and emerging Wearables, so multiplying customer touch points. “That scenario pushes us to evolve from a channel-focused vision a customer-focused one to let us offer a coherent service experience with all those available points of contact. About Wearables, “very hot in a few months”, Aguilar affirmed that they will in fact amplify the spatiotemporal range in which to deliver relevant content to a customer”, as well as its time-consumption, since they do not fragment the current customer’s attention-span but enlarge it”.

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