“Any interaction with you customer is an opportunity to reengage him”

Mexico City, May 28, 2014 – “Between what you want to tell your client and what interests him there is a small space, an intersection that all financial institution yearn; a place called relevance. We do have to understand it as the most direct route, the only one to regain the attention span of an increasingly absent-minded and unbeliever client with our commercial message”. So started Daniel Aguilar, regional director for Latin America, his presentation at Dinero Movil LatAm, held today in Mexico City, where Latinia takes place in its 2nd edition. Alongside Latinia speakers have also been representatives of VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Banorte and Banamex.

How to be relevant, that’s the question. Again, there is only one way, working on the client’s context; therein lies the answer. Who is our client? Where is? What time is it? What’s going on? And through these variables have the ability to decide which is the best next action that we can offer him just after any interaction. That will help us to provide him a positive service experience, increasing loyalty and improving retention, ” Aguilar reeled in the knot of your session.

Any bank operation must be considered a point of contact with the customer and therefore a new opportunity to deliver him the right content at the right time and in the right context”. Aguilar closed his pitch quoting the African American poet Maya Angelou; “people will forget what you say; will forget what you did, but you never forget how you made them feel.”

Furthermore Latinia just reinforced its commercial structure in the region with the signing of Norma Alvarez, systems engineer with extensive experience in the selling field of unified communications, data, and IT tools.

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