Banks must work on reducing friction with their customers through technology improvements

Miami, September 12, 2013. – “Reduce friction in the interaction between a bank and its customers must remain the main goal of technological financial institutions’ bets,” said Francesc Pérez, Latinia’s business development director during his speech on banking innovation in the Felaban CLAB held these days in Miami. The fair, now in its thirteenth edition, brought together more than 900 executives from the banking and payment systems industry, and in which Latinia has had a strong presence.

Perez based his pitch on how to generate a positive service experience “from the reduction in friction between the bank and the customer, on how this boundary element must be fixed to make things easier for the customer of any financial institution”. Perez noted that this interface “often scares the customer because of its complicated interactions, when it should not”, giving several examples, from ATM’s to digital channels, that have achieved this purpose and could be considered very successful experiences.

Perez also echoed on the role of the much-maligned branch, urging “the banks how to reframe their branch message to their customers”, where and when “generating a trust framework to make the customer feel more relaxed has to be a must”. Perez closed his talk with another clear message, “the challenge is no longer how to reach the customer, but knowing what to say”.

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