Latinia revamps its Biz Program

Barcelona, May 15th. – “More flexibility in the relationship with our Partners, more self-service in the early stages of a business prospect and greater autonomy in the pursuit of opportunities are the main reasons that have led us to this profound remodeling of the program”, announced Oriol Ros, Latinia Marketing Manager, about the new Latinia’s Biz Program.

“When we launched the Biz Program in 2005 there still was a certain lack of knowledge about what we were proposing to the market, so we had to invest a lot of time, certainly critical, at fixing it into our partners offer. That scenario has long left behind and now we can work much more focused on adjusting each partners’ needs when faces an opportunity, as their knowledge about our reason why already lives totally embedded in his selling speech, “explained Ros.

“Not any third gets surprised when hearing we work on Smart TV notifications cause they know what runs through our DNA and our value proposition is based on. It is consistent, and there are no cognitive dissonances when those kind of communications are unleashed. That let us dedicate 100% to each opportunity detected, but not to conceptualize what we do anymore. The partner is fully autonomous”, continued the Latinia marketing manager.

“On the other hand the growth of the company has attracted the interest of many companies beyond where we could establish a physical relationship, as is the Spanish-speaking world, so we had to respond by providing them the best facilities to those at 7,000 km showing interest in our products … because they had detected an opportunity, “he concluded Ros.

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