“Banks and new players are at a time of mutual observation”

Madrid, June 25, 2013. – “They’re watching themselves, feeling as much curiosity as distrust of each other, and do not know whether to compete or to cooperate. One takes innovation in its DNA, the other one knows for more than a century how to move in the regulatory backstage “, with those words sums up Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager Next Bank Madrid, a forum on innovation and technological disruption that took place today for the first time in the Spanish capital.

“How to deal with disruptive innovation is a question that traditional banks ask themselves on a daily basis, who in addition see at the other side of the gate strong brands holding their customer’s unlimited credit, an active that banks have lately seen how it has disappeared from their balance sheets. Banks additionally have important difficulties when positioning ahead the more agile and adroit startups, which constantly draw new boundaries for financial services, “summed Ros.

“We must reinvent the customer’s risk profile from data not send by him to the bank for the very first time but that he now openly publishes through social media networks. Properly managed his privacy and his permissioning banks can anticipate their customers’ needs by being relevant to their interests, since he has anticipated their purchase decision-making well before the point of sale, where previously used to coincide in time and space, purchase decision and action of buying”, Ros says about what seen and heard in the event.

“Breakthrough innovation is the only possible option. How to manage or internalize this process means a major challenge for financial institutions, and in that sense a initiative as BBVA Ventures represents a first step on how to approach innovation in a more epidermal and less bloody way”, concluded the Latinia marketing manager.

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