Latinia from MobeyDay: “more open Banks mean more closer ones”

Barcelona, June 12th, 2013. – “There is some sort of consensus that a greater degree of intimacy between banks and customers goes through a more open banking model with thirds, a more collaborative banking ecosystem, and certainly that this step should be very well measured and done with maximum respect for the privacy of user data, “said Marc Alcon, Latinia’s CTO, assistant at MobeyDay, Mobey Forum’s international summit, which brings together financial institutions around the world, operators and technology providers specializing in mobile banking.

The event, that got together the largest 250 international experts in banking and mobile technologies, “not uncovered any new debate, but it helped to share different views on thoughts that we all do every day, and it is imperative to understand which direction to move, “said Alcon.

“I’d stand out reflections as, what services do we have to offer to our customers to (they) let use us their data? i.e., the customer might be willing to participate in the permissioning game with his or her bank if he receives a certain amount of value in return; that is the key to this equation, if we get wrong on that point we’ll otherwise lose him forever.”

Another strong point “in this or any other forum related to banking and mobility” was the future of mobile wallets. “I think we all agree that given their potential they must go beyond the usual players, not to limit their activity to the dialogue between banks and retailers; value will come from how far we’ll be able to engage more agents into this ecosystem. A mobile device that serves to pay is not a superior value proposition to the contactless card indeed; it is less convenient in fact. The appeal of mobile wallets will come from understanding and add value to the customer, and that means constantly recognizing its context … and having their permission. As commented Pol Navarro, Head of Innovation at Banco Sabadell, a Latinia client, “this is not about technology neither data, but to make interactions with customers easier”, “and in this sense the mobile has secured a pole position”, Alcon stated.

“Any case everyone agreed in the little room left for the hardware differentiation in the development of new means of payment, leaving such liability in the software side, and the value we might create surrounding it,” concluded Alcon in their MobeyDay evaluations.

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