“Banks should be obsessed with what should be the next best action with a client”

Barcelona, October 23rd, 2013. – ” Despite the willingness to implement customer-centric strategies, many organizations continue to work from back to front, first designing the product and then thinking about whom to target; Latinia proposes to reengineer that logic; first we see who has created the opportunity for a dialogue, that is, a client that generates a financial operation, and afterwards we see, from its context, what can we tell him to call his attention … to be relevant to his interests.”

So defined Francesc Pérez, Latinia’s business manager, the company’s bet ” by what sometimes is mistakenly called cross-selling”. That next best action (NBA) might be very well not to say anything to the customer, after having discarded a thousand other options because not considering them not relevant enough. A cross-selling action is always a next best action, but any next best action need not be cross-selling, “said Perez.

” Who is, what is his financial reality, where he is, what time of day it is, what products do their peers consume… all or part of that content is known to the bank, and from that on there will always be a possible next best action (NBA). That context is the best ingredient for relevance we seek with a next best action (NBA)”, clinched Perez.

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