“Client circumstances outline a new real-time management scheme”

Madrid, 22nd October 2012.- Francesc Pérez, business manager for the software vendor Latinia, affirms that “real time between a client’s financial activity and the generation of an informative notification has been comfortably handled by the majority of financial institutions for some time now. Nowadays, this real-time objective has become part of a new scenario, i.e., the creation and emission of relevant content based on the analysis of all the particulars and circumstances of the client made available to the bank. The development of client-based strategies focused on the client-bank relationship takes factors such as this one into account”.

“The synchronization between an event, for instance, an ATM cash withdrawal or the receipt of a bill against the client’s account, and the generation of a notification is now nothing exceptional”. Pérez adds that “the challenge lies in analyzing within the context of individual clients, i.e., their financial and space-time reality, so as to make decisions that convert a purely informative notification into an attractive proposal to the client and a business opportunity for the institution”.

“The challenge of real time no longer lies in technological know-how but in data organization and analysis, in knowing how to manage the volatility of events and present them to clients instantly. Between the event and its ensuing notification at least a dozen real time decisions must be taken to calibrate, appraise, rule out and present content sensible to the needs of the client. In other words, a notification capable of wowing the client, which had been for some time unthinkable for a bank”, concludes the business manager for Latinia.

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