Global clients and perfective and adaptive maintenance, main protagonists of the new LIMSP© release

Latinia has just released the version 3.9.1 of its infrastructure software LIMSP© for messaging and email. As main aims of this new release, it points out that up to 70% of the changes or improvements delivered are perfective and adaptive maintenance type, and its content, “originated in a significant way, as usual, on the client side”, emphasizing for the first time contributions made by clients from different geographic environments, “the same whereof adds a more global and richer vision” to the product, according to Ricard Rovira, head of development of Latinia.

Alternatively, “following the roadmap of the different products of third parties that participate in our software, represents one of the most important aspects of the investment we make with each new version of LIMSP©. This release is especially sensitive in this aspect, given that important movements have taken place in the industry, such as the acquisition of BEA, manufacturer of WebLogic, on the part of Oracle”, says Rovira. In this sense, Latinia has given special attention to the compatibility work of LIMSP© with the more updated versions of servers, J2EE Weblogic 9.2 and Weblogic 10.3. (JEE4 and JEE5).

“From among the score of changes or improvements delivered, the following may be given equal emphasis; the possibility of exploiting the product in Multilanguage, the templates for formatting transactions, the new data export generating engine, the status management in Email module, the transaction certification module, or the possibility of adding new billing parameters. “Latinia has always considered the client as one of the best sources for providing content to its innovation processes, at least the raw portion of its many improvements, the same occurring again with this release. We have already begun to notice the influence that clients from other continents have on our roadmap, which greatly enriches the possibilities and scope of the product”, says Rovira.

This is the first release of LISMP© performed entirely under the certification of CMMI level 2, an international standard for measuring the maturity and quality of software processes in an organization, which is issued by the Carnegie-Mellon University for the SEI (Software Engineering Institute).

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