Latinia confirms a 250% growth in financial notifications during the pandemic

Barcelona, February 23rd, 2022Latinia, the real-time communications software vendor for the financial industry, has announced a “very significant” growth in the notifications volume sent from financial institutions during COVID-19. “The traffic of our clients regularly doubles every year, but these last two years the growth rate has come to multiply by 3 and even by 4 in several cases, mainly due to the need of the bank clients to have greater control of their financial lives” stated its CEO Marc Alcón.

If banking has an asset, it is the customer’s trust in the security of their money, a security that the customer expects to be extended to the information area. At this time, people cannot afford not to know what is happening with their finances in accurate real time -financial relief largely depends on the information flow from the bank”, pointed out the chief executive of the software vendor.

In 2021 5 billion notifications were managed through Latinia’s platform, alerts that come from the real-time filtering and analysis of the financial activity of the bank’s customers’, events that, if meet certain security and business requirements turn into a notification. Latinia analyzes +15,000 financial events and +50,000 business rules per second.

It is currently unthinkable for a client to be willing to see what has happened with his or her finances one or two days later after an event has taken place because perhaps at that moment that information can be critical for his or her finances. Real-time is mission critical.

The pandemic has boosted digital communications with the bank’s customers, who also expect a reliable, consistent, and useful service from their financial institution, generating new and positive service experiences with regards to the relevancy of the content delivered to bank’s customers.

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