Latinia joins cause-related marketing by collaborating with the initiative “Business with social value”

Barcelona, November 27th, 2012.- “Like any other company, we want to sell, but we are also here for more than just that, we are concerned about the creation of value in all its forms, which is why we have contributed to Business with social value”, expressed Alejandro Olabarría, President of Latinia, with regard to the collaboration of the software company with the initiative headed by Icaria Iniciatives Socials. Business with social value (BWSV) will be launched next December 13 with an event focused on putting companies, which are in need of products and services, in contact with the offer of social enterprises.

“We want to involve and connect our customers, to make them participants in one of Latinia’s approaches. As we understand it, the creation of value on the part of any company should go beyond employees and shareholders; society demands that the companies from which it acquires goods and services comply with their share of social responsibility”, commented Olabarría.

By selecting and collaborating in the fine tuning of the “speed-dating type” networking software, which will briefly join companies with needs for products or services with the offer of almost 40 social enterprises, Latinia has worked on the technological and strategic planning of the BWSV BCN 2012. “The complexity of joining hundreds of people with hundreds of different interests has an easy multiplier…every time it projects a challenge fit for its enormous potential; the selected tools must adapt to the circumstances, to the needs and to the contents of each event, without this being less particular than others”, indicated Olabarría.

The aim of Business With Social Value (BWSV) is to contribute to the visibility of social enterprises as a Competitive Economic Sector and of the Market, having the capacity to contribute a social marketing bonus to commercial companies, negotiating with them, bringing these companies closer to a more human approach and commitment to society. The purpose of this initiative is to increase the process of affirmative action toward the non-profit businesses that include people with disability, contributing social value to said transactions, that warrants and gives visibility to companies by using the brand/logo of Business With Social Value, indicated Icaria in a recent statement.

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