Martín Cabrera

LATINIA’s infrastructure products , are robust, flexible and scalable to the core, and perfectly fit to our new Omnichannel architecture; that’s what we where exactly looking for.

Valentin Echeverry

For our financial notifications strategy we needed a product to grow with us; scalable, robust, highly specialized, and what’s more, with the ability to adapt and reuse our current business logic layer. We wanted a partner, not just a vendor, and there it was LATINIA

Celia Alonso

Getting to the point: a a nearby bank is one that offers its customers the right channel at the right time That’s why mobile banking and more especially banking based on notifications are nowadays a must for Banco Popular, so what a better partner than LATINIA?

Kyra Arcia

The evolutionary roadmap of the bank determined that it was necessary to bet on a platform that integrates the 360º view of the customer in terms of their relationship with the bank. The functionality that Latinia offered us fit perfectly with the bank’s digital transformation roadmap

Jaime González

Thanks to LATINIA’s LIMSP©, we are able to real-time alert our users when their transactions take place, providing a greater security environment to all of us

Guillermo Güemez

“Latinia’s solution is strategically aligned with our bank’s current and future needs, both in terms of technology and business. We’re living in a world where more contact points demand more convenience on the customer side, as much as a greater complexity to be managed by the bank. We believe that Latinia will help us thriving […]

Claudio Góchez

“At Banco Agrícola we keep innovating for our clients, so we are very excited to work side by side with Latinia, a global leader in its product category, with whom we will refocus our multichannel notification strategy”

Carlos Marcuello

“A positive service experience is at the core of the relationship we are building with our customers. Every touchpoint with them is some sort of moment of truth, so each and every message we send is of capital importance Being accurate in these communications will help us to strengthen the relationship with our clients, as […]

Carlos Vides

“Banco Industrial is an innovation-driven institution, with its customers being the cornerstone of the business.  We have chosen Latinia’s solution to ensure that our communication with them is both the most efficient and effective”