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In the face of banking’s challenges, Latinia solutions

Latinia’s experience is backed by more than 20 years of developing decision software and real-time communication products for the financial sector. Its tools specialize in bank filtering, so their degree of specialization is optimal as they are geared toward the specific needs of the financial industry, and their analysis of transactional events and customer intelligence data are designed to meet the specific needs of banking.

This knowledge of the sector and extensive experience in the development of technological solutions for banking favor the constant evolution of Latinia’s products, with the aim of accompanying its clients in their digital transformation processes. This guidance goes beyond the traditional sales cycle based on the validation of the quality and technical feasibility of the project, since the decision to implement a particular technological solution is, above all, a business decision. “At Latinia we not only disseminate the technical and functional benefits of our products, but we also help our clients to measure their economic impact,” explains Francesc Pérez, Chief Revenue at Latinia.

Measuring the economic benefit of Latinia’s products

To offer this advice, Latinia provides its clients with a tool to prepare their business case in order to obtain three fundamental pieces of information: the profit generated, the return on investment (ROI) and how long it will take to recover the capital invested or payback on the implementation of products.

“Latinia customers have already successfully developed business cases and know the economic benefit of applying our solutions. The business case is also a useful tool for new customers, as it shows them the ROI they will obtain by implementing our products and allows them to assess the payback,” highlights Latinia’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Cyber fraud, system obsolescence, ineffective customer communications, increased competitive pressure from Fintechs… Solving the most pressing banking challenges is part of Latinia’s mission, says Francesc Pérez: “The super-specialization of our solutions explains why we obtain positive data when conducting business cases. We have decades of knowledge of the industry, which allows us to anticipate its needs, and our own philosophy as software developers puts us in the best position to meet them. Our solutions evolve to help banking overcome the challenges of technological development.”

“The efficiency in exploiting Latinia’s technological solutions, as well as being reflected in quantitative data such as that derived from the preparation of business cases, can be explained by the advantages that banks obtain by implementing Latinia’s products, which put them a step ahead of the competition,” he concludes.

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