The Silent Crisis: Are Banks Overlooking a Critical User Segment?

The digital age is advancing at a breakneck pace, bringing with it an urgent need for banks to stay abreast of trends. One standout trend is the sustained growth of Huawei. Herein lies a considerable risk: overlooking a market segment that already accounts for a 10% and is continually growing. Neglecting these users could mean not just missed opportunities now but also a lack of preparation for a future where Huawei commands an even larger market share.

HarmonyOS vs Android vs iOS

Huawei initially utilized the Android operating system, but due to trade restrictions imposed by the U.S. government in 2019, it accelerated the development of its own operating system: HarmonyOS. This operating system is used across a range of devices, including smartphones.

HarmonyOS sets itself apart from Android and iOS, operating with its own ecosystem, designed to be an independent and self-sufficient platform, providing an alternative to Google and Apple’s offerings.

Huawei’s Rapid Growth in Latin America and the World

Huawei’s presence in Latin America is simply undeniable. During the second quarter of 2023, Peru emerged as the country with the highest percentage of Huawei users, quickly scaling to a market share close to 11%. But Peru is not alone; in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, Huawei’s presence surpasses 8.5%, setting a clear and rising trend. A statistic worth considering for effective banking communication.

Worthy of mention is the phenomenon of Huawei’s P60 Pro smartphone launch in Colombia, where it sold out in just a month after hitting the market. Leading cities in sales were Bogotá, Cali, and Medellín, with other regions like Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, and Villavicencio not far behind. According to a Statista report, among smartphone manufacturers headquartered in China or Taiwan, Huawei firmly holds the second position in Colombia, hosting just over half the market share that Xiaomi does.

Furthermore, this growth is global. Huawei has charted an impressive trajectory by increasing its market share globally, with a remarkable 58% growth in sales during Q2 of this year, reaching a global market share of 11.3%.

The trajectory of Huawei’s recovery and growth is, without a doubt, a path we anticipate will continue to accelerate. As essential players in the financial sector, staying updated on this evolution is not just strategic but crucial to ensure uninterrupted connection with a broad customer base.

The Critical Importance of Communication Collectors

Those unfamiliar with the term might wonder, what is a collector? In simple terms, within Latinia’s component architecture, it’s the element that manages the connection between the SDP Gateway and a specific notification provider. For push notifications, we have a collector for Apple and one for Google, for example.

That’s why we emphasize the need for integrating specific collectors for Huawei users, which are as important as those for Apple and Android users, thereby ensuring that no customer is left out of the loop.

The Risk of Ignoring Huawei Users

The significant increase in Huawei’s presence highlights a growing and severe problem: a significant percentage of users using Huawei devices may not be receiving critical communications like OTPs (One-Time Passwords), essential security tools for banking transactions. This happens due to the absence of the corresponding collector connecting the bank to Huawei’s push service platform.

The inability to communicate securely and effectively with around 10% of users can have far-reaching implications, not just jeopardizing critical banking operations but eroding customer trust and satisfaction. In the banking context, where trust is vital, losing even a small slice of customers can translate into significant losses and a tarnished reputation.

There’s Still Time to Act

We are prepared to close this crucial gap in communication. Our team has developed a specific collector for Huawei and we are ready to assist in its integration, ensuring complete alignment with the needs and demands of all customers.

It’s time to step up and ensure that every communication, every critical message, reaches each and every customer, regardless of the device they use. This guarantees not just security but also customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Latinia Representative to initiate this crucial process. We are here to ensure no customer gets left behind.

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