Latinia Inaugurates New Office in Manizales, Colombia: Expanding Global Reach in Tech and Innovation

Manizales, Colombia (30th november 2023) – At Latinia, we are excited to announce the inauguration of our new office in Manizales, Colombia. This expansion is a strategic step in extending our global presence, demonstrating our commitment to fostering a diverse and innovative IT environment for a worldwide clientele.

Positioned in a city known for its educational institutions and tech-forward mindset, the new office is poised to become a center of excellence for software development and customer service. This Colombian location complements the company’s existing IT team based in Barcelona, Spain, a city globally recognized as a tech and innovation hub.

Latinia boasts representatives catering to customers in Central, Latin, and North America, as well as Europe and the UK. This diverse representation underscores Latinia’s commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each market. The Manizales office will play a pivotal role in this, offering localized support and services to a global clientele.

Inauguration Day: A Celebration of Growth and Diversity

The inauguration of the Manizales office was a festive and significant event, attended by team members from various locations. It symbolized not only the expansion of Latinia but also its growing influence in the tech world. The event featured insights into the company’s future plans, emphasizing innovation, customer-centric services, and a commitment to bridging technological gaps worldwide.

Latinia’s expansion into Manizales marks a new chapter in our journey towards becoming a beacon of technological innovation and customer service excellence. By combining the expertise of its teams in Barcelona and Manizales, Latinia is well-positioned to tackle new challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving global tech landscape.

This opening is a testament to the company’s vision of global connectivity, innovation, and service excellence. With a robust presence in key markets around the world, Latinia is set to redefine the boundaries of technology and customer service in the years to come.

About Latinia

Latinia stands at the vanguard of banking communication technology, offering a suite of products that seamlessly blend innovation with customer-centricity. Our Subscription Engine, Critical Events Gateway and our groundbreaking NBA (Next Best Action) exemplify this ethos, providing banks with tools that not only streamline operational processes but also transform customer interactions into real-time engaging experiences. These solutions, backed by Latinia’s two decades of expertise in software development for major banks, are about creating connections. With capabilities ranging from real-time analysis of financial events to secure management of critical notifications, Latinia’s products are redefining the landscape of banking communications, ensuring that every interaction is secure, relevant, and impactful.

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