Redeban: Reaping the Benefits of a Smooth Path to Cloud

Is your legacy infrastructure holding you back from reaching new heights? Learn how Redeban, a leading provider of bank transaction notification services in Colombia, overcame growth challenges and improved service quality by leveraging the inherent benefits of Latinia’s cloud native product.

The Challenge: Managing Service Demand Fluctuations with Legacy Systems

Redeban’s transaction notification processing services experienced steady growth over the past 15 years. To keep pace with the increasing volume of notifications, the company underwent a series of expansions to its on-premises infrastructure. However, as the significance of bank alerts in the customer service experience continued to grow, Redeban faced an ever-changing and unpredictable demand for its services. As a result, the company struggled to meet occasional peaks of up to a sixfold increase in demand, as requested by top-tier banks, while ensuring immediate delivery of notifications.

 As demand for their services continued to increase, Redeban’s legacy infrastructure was holding back their growth and compromising service quality. The challenge was not only to keep pace with this unpredictable demand, but also to ensure that critical notifications were delivered to customers in a timely manner.

“Keeping our existing on-prem infrastructure was totally unfeasible in terms of profitability without affecting service quality,” stated German Daza, Head of Emission Solutions at Redeban. “The system where Latinia’s product was running had also become technologically outdated.”

Eventually, it was time for Redeban to embrace the cloud.

Overcoming Challenges in the Implementation of a Cloud-Based Project

To address these challenges, Latinia advised Redeban to transition to a new Container Class LIMSP© Gateway for cloud deployment. This approach not only leverages the inherent benefits of the cloud, such as scalability and cost savings, but also offers the use of open-source products in place of third-party licensed solutions.

Latinia assisted Redeban with the development of a custom business case which simplified the decision process. “After comparing costs between buying new on-prem machines again with third-party software or adopting cloud deployment, the second option was favored, especially in terms of projection,” stated Luis Alberto Leguizamon, Senior Manager of Special Projects at Redeban. “Although the initial investment was high, the remainder costs were much more transparent, easier to cover and to justify.”

 The implementation of this project posed multiple challenges as it involved migrating the existing technology infrastructure of a high-volume notification service in production without disrupting service continuity. Unlike traditional on-premises projects, there was no “installation” stage, as the unattended product deployment capacity allowed for a quicker deployment. However, the commissioning of the cloud infrastructure was influenced by third parties such as financial entities and mobile operators, making it crucial to ensure continuity of service during the migration. Through careful planning and support from the technical team, migration was successful, and service was not affected.


Leveraging the Benefits of the Cloud: Scalability, Cost Savings, and Improved Service Quality

With the new cloud-based infrastructure in place, Redeban is now able to easily scale up or down as needed, ensuring that they can meet the service demands of their customers in real-time with consistent high quality.

“Cloud migration was not an option, but a necessity to provide continuity to the service while ensuring our high levels of quality offered through the years. The scalability offered by the cloud allows us not only to always adapt our infrastructure to the needs of our customers, but also to dedicate resources to a particular bank with specific needs or levels of demand. From now on, Redeban can face any future demand scenario with the highest quality and security standards.”

Luis Alberto Leguizamon, Senior Manager of Special Projects at Redeban

Additionally, Redeban has

  • Saved 30% on infrastructure costs
  • Improved service quality by reducing the processing time for each notification by 20% at peak hours
  • Achieved a processing level of 0.02 seconds per notification

Read the full case study here.

Migrating on-premises applications to the cloud provides an opportunity for organizations to improve their overall efficiency and competitiveness. By working with a trusted partner such as Latinia, Redeban’s transition to a cloud-based infrastructure has been a success, allowing them to keep up with unpredictable demand while improving service quality and staying competitive in today’s market.

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