“We would not feel comfortable offering triple play for mobile banking”

Madrid, 21st June 2011.- “We believe in the radical specialization of our knowledge and skills, and this means developing software infrastructure products for asynchronous corporate notifications, whether they be SMS, email or the newly-emerging push notifications”, indicated Oriol Ros, Latinia’s Head of Marketing. “There are three branches to mobile banking; browsing, applications and messaging or […]

“We have captured user attention, but SMS Banking must now move forward.”

“Although two reports published this month by TowerGroup and Accenture were very revealing about the ROI of some entities’ mobile channels, it is only when they observe and consider the channel as a strategic investment and aim to create long-term value for their users that this channel will progress from a one-off initiative to a […]

“Latin America is benefiting intelligently from the European experience of one decade of mobile banking”, according to Latinia

In statements made to ENLACE News, Francesc Pérez, business manager of Latinia, emphasized, “the extraordinary progress being made in mobile projects” and “its prominence” in Latin America, upon being questioned about the strategy of the Catalonian software company in the region. “Latin America is benefiting enormously from the decade of European experience developing and testing […]