“Latin America is benefiting intelligently from the European experience of one decade of mobile banking”, according to Latinia

In statements made to ENLACE News, Francesc Pérez, business manager of Latinia, emphasized, “the extraordinary progress being made in mobile projects” and “its prominence” in Latin America, upon being questioned about the strategy of the Catalonian software company in the region. “Latin America is benefiting enormously from the decade of European experience developing and testing projects and initiatives in the field of mobility in general and mobile banking specifically, drawing intelligently on the best practices and lessons regarding the success and failures which occurred, this enables mobile banking to progress very quickly and significantly”. ENLACE News is one of the main publications directed towards information technology experts present throughout all Latin America, with a database of 6,500 subscribed readers.

In the interview, the company senior executive for the region emphasized advantages “specifically in SMS banking” as regards to “time-to-market” and “eliminating blind spots”, by not having to first discover what services will work and which ones will not, by the use of what technologies, etc. That is, the magic potion of the service/technology matrix, as well as an effective -and consolidated- demand regarding the use of the channel for the consumption of financial mobile services via SMS”.

Upon being questioned about the approach of the company and the expected results in the region, Pérez stated: “Latinia began its activity in Latin America in 2008. Since then we have signed on with some entities and have had a good reception in Colombia, Mexico and Chile, the only ones we could consider entire markets, given the higher number of opportunities; the remaining countries are interesting, but we cannot speak of markets in the broadest or academic sense, only as opportunities; thus, the first 2 or 3 banks of each country are always potential clients, but in many cases the size of the country prevents us from making great marketing and commercial efforts, limiting us to operate via partners. Fortunately our product has a very specific value proposal, whether the need is evident or not and whether there is matching or not. It is a strategic type product once the mobile channel of an entity has taken off, not before”.

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