Latinia Grows Strong in Latin America

Bogotá, November 30th, 2017.- Latinia, the Spanish multichannel financial notification’s  software vendor, delivers its 2017 closing forecast and confirms its non-stop growth in the Latin-American region.

The Catalan origin company has increased it revenue by 80% in the last 24 months and the number of its client’s portfolio in the region by 30%. Its technology is present in at least 2 of the 4 most important banks of the main economies of the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, as well as in the last three years, Latinia has expanded its coverage in the region with special prominence in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia.

“We are present in 50% of the most important Spanish-speaking banks in Latin America and of course we are very proud of the solid growth we are experiencing in the region. The trust placed by our customers is an enormous motivation to continue delivering the best financial notification infrastructure products, “said Marc Alcón, CEO of Latinia.

Latinia’s growth is divided between licenses for its new customers and performance and new notification channels’ licenses for its current customers. In addition, the company’s growth is also due to new products such as its recently launch on the market, a cross-selling module that allows banks to send contextual messages depending on its client’s financial reality, thus enhancing business opportunities for banks based on relevant content for their clients.

For Latinia, the increase in the number of clients not only benefits the company but also its own customers, the financial institutions. “Every time we unleash a new product release we get a greater number of insights, inputs and demands for new features that we use to make our software evolve. In this way, our clients benefit from collective intelligence, “said Alcón.



Latinia, has recently opened its new offices in Manizales, Colombia where more than 20 professionals, between operations’ teams and development areas are dedicated to product and maintenance tasks and projects with clients. “Manizales has been with us for years and we believe that it gives us a plus in terms of talent due to the rich educational and polytechnic ecosystem that surrounds the area. As we have grown, so have our needs, and with this new space we are looking for a new operational center that will accommodate our new needs, both recent and future, in the areas of professional services or consulting and projects “, summed up Marc Alcón, Latinia’s CEO.

Additionally, the executive said that this year they have explored the Argentinian market, which they see with a huge potential growth and “on which we expect to have first commercial evidences in the coming months,” said Alcón.

“Latinia represents a safe bet for any bank that understands financial notifications as a fundamental issue in its customer relationship strategy and the generation of positive service experiences”, concluded the CEO of Latinia.


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